Planing on taking my 1977 bug on its 1st long trip since 1985.  What tools and replacement parts should I take?  Keep in mind the limited space in have. 

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I keep oil, a clutch and throttle cable, points and condenser, a fan belt and a set of plugs under the hood at all times, along with the tools to change them. I'd hate to be out on the middle of nowhere without these. 

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Check out another good Bug website.  This was a recent topic of discussion and there was a lot of information and opinion posted about what to take along in the way of tools and parts.  I have a standard set of tools that I take along with any of my cars.  It includes a multidriver with a wide assortment of bits, needle nose and standard pliers, side cutters and the ever handy 12 volt circuit tester.  I don't carry a lot in the way of parts.  I keep a close eye on everything and do a good circle check before the car ever hits the highway.  Dan (MY72BUG) in Goderich, Ont.
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The only thing I would add is a roll of mechanics wire and the handy man's secret weapon, a roll of duct tape. you might consider a tie down strap also. I used one of these and the other two items to fix a broken tie rod once when I was back at Knik Glacier, made it 24 miles out back to the main road by using the 3 things I mentioned above. 

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