I have become disabled and can no longer enjoy my 74 KG convertible. I can no longer shift. I am the second owner of this car it was restored in the late 80's and never driven much. It;s pearl white , beautiful ! Needs some work, but great car.
   I have pix ! Gotta figure out how to get them on here. Working on it. You can see pix on facebook.
  I am willing to trade for a good used handicapped van. I haven't been able to drive , so I'm excited about getting back on the road if possible. Took some to get me to even consider doing this but I think it's time.
  lets talk !
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I have a 1974 US 412 wagon that I am parting-out. It has a complete automatic transmission (I assume yours does?) with only a few cover plates missing around the bell-housing/torque-converter. I don't know its condition (cuz I bought it recently -it was sitting in a Phoenix back yard for 20 years), but it may help whoever rebuilds yours to get spare parts from. Message back if you want contact info. Karl

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