Hi, everyone.
  I guess that I am the newest, new guy here.
I have had my 1969 for five years now.For Three of those years, "Stanley" has sat, in front of my house, covering the  pool of oil that formed after his last trip to the store.
  I finally got the motivation to take him in to the local VW wrench for a newly rebuilt engine.  Now I am all excited, waiting for that to get done.

   While there, I found that they have a 69 on consignment, for $1500.00.  So, looks like I will soon be the proud owner of a matched pair.

    Anyway, here is my call for help.  I am wanting to put a trailer hitch on "Stanley".   Does anyone still make them?
  Years ago I had on installed on my 62 bug and towed  a uhaul across the States. 

    I am planning a trip, for Nevada to Michigan and Wisconsin, in May.  Should I anticipate any problems with putting the highway miles on the Bug?
   Thanks. Glad I found you. 
Semper Fi.
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Welcome aboard Marine:  Check out Mid-America.  They show part # 375-771 a hitch for ' 68- ' 77 Beetles for $ 250.  It looks pretty well light duty class A but then your Bug is limited to fairly light duty towing.  For a light box trailer it should do the job.  If your Bug is stock horsepower you should be OK as long as you are patient on the up-hill grades.  The only up grade I might consider would be a disc brake kit for those occasions when stopping a loaded trailer seems like a good idea.  The old drums all round are not exactly the last word in stopping power. Keep her tuned up, limit the over all load and easy does it and you should be fine.  Dan (MY72BUG) in Goderich
(finally seeing some thaw) Ontario

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They make them but it is not advised.

You will need shocks with overload springs or air shocks etc as any real tongue weight which is required for a stable trailer will cause the back end to squat and could bottom out.

Bugs are not meant as tow vehicles.  But if you are only towing a small box utility trailer you may be okay.

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