Hello... I'm somewhat new to the vw aircooled world, but I am probably going to purchase a decently running 72 superbeetle... and was planning on building a pretty good displacement motor for the car.

I've got a master fabricator told me to keep the stock 1600 cases and get bigger jugs, pistons, heads, crank and cam... and then we'll fab up a turbo kit.

I was curious if anyone had done anything like this... I'd like to try and get an economical, yet quite powerfull configuration. I realize I dont need 500hp for such a light car... but I'd like to see it lift front wheels off the ground etc.

Is 1835 the biggest I can go stock cases (with re-inforced studs)? If so, what size pistons and jugs are those?

Also, for a turbo motor, I dont exactly need a stroker motor, in fact lower compression would probably be smarter. ANy recommendations on cranks/cams?

Thanks in advance very much!
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Try the Judson Register http://vwjudsonregister.tripod.com/ This is the most popular Super Charger that was available for the VW Beetle. I'm sure that they will be able to help you out with some info about them.

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