I have a 1965 Volkswagen beetle and looking to upgrade from my 1300 to a 1776cc turnkey engine.  I found a few turnkey engine builders via the Internet and through Hot VW.  However, it would be great if I could here from other enthusiast in making a recommendation to a reputable engine builder.  I've looked at a few places like Strictly Foreign and BAP Import Auto Parts.  I've also learned through various postings to stay away from GEX!  Any feedback / recommendation are greatly appreciated.


Also, from a technical standpoint, are there any technical challenges or issue with running a 1776 engine with my stock 65 transmission (other then upgrading my electrical to a 12volt system)?  Can the standard 65 trans, handle a higher performing engine?


Thanks in advanced!


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I am very happy with the stock rebuilt from Quality German Auto Parts. http://www.qualitygermanautoparts.com/

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