Hey all,

We'd love to feature your air-cooled Volkswagen at AllAircooled.com. All we'd need to do that are pictures of the front, back, 3/4 shots, interior and engine as well as the complete story of your Volkswagen. 
People usually talk about how they got into Volkswagen's, past VW's that they have owned, and then they talk about their current one. Tell us how you found it, what you have done to it, and future plans for your VDub. We need a pretty substantial story to space the pictures out properly. The more you write the more pictures we'll post for you. If you check the Feature here or the Spotlight at http://www.Superbeetles.com  you will get an idea of what people are writing.
We are down to our last few features and really need your help. Remember your VW doesn't have to be show quality to be featured. Daily driver or project, we love them all.
Contact me with a photo to get it started and let's put your VW out there for the world to see!

Hope you hear from you soon,
Wayne Dean
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