Vanfest is a UK VW Transporter event produced & presented by enthusiasts from around the world  (including USA, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Australia, NZ , Holland, and Scotland & Wales!)

Held at the Three Counties Showground, under the beautiful backdrop of the Malvern Hills it has grown to become the biggest VW Transporter event on the planet attracting over 5000 vehicles during the weekend. 


Over the years we have presented a series of very spectacular displays at the event. In addition to our normal static display themes we have also staged a series of VW images using up to 570 vehicles to produce very spectacular "Van art". Check out our website to see past displays. ("Big" Displays produced 97, 99 & 2003)  

Time to give you an update on what we have got planned this year.

We will be able to keep to basically the same layout.
The trade area will again be massive. (over 250 plots) plus a craft fair. We have got people from all over the world coming to the show to shop & trade.

We will also have the biggest vehicle sales area at any show (which will hopefully get smaller during the weekend!)

Vehicle Displays this year are;

"Utility Transporters" - Transporters that still (or have in the past) worked for a living.

"Well Travelled Transporters" - Vehicles (and owners) with a story to tell about their adventures around the world.

We will still have our "Open House/van" section for any other interesting vehicles that are about this year.

If you have a vehicle which you would like to display please contact our display managers.

Plus (of course) we will again be showing off some (most?) of the best Transporters in UK & Europe in our "Show & Shine, Rust & Prime"

Evening Entertainment.

Well if you were happy with our new evening venue last year then you will be orgasmic this time as we have doubled its size and will have a lot more going on inside it during the day as well.

"Bogus Brothers" Friday night. A full "Red Hot Chartbusters" show on the Saturday night. Our good friends "Druids Brew" (and their splittie "pumpkin" also on stage!) will also be with us throughout the weekend. (plus other special guests).

For those of you who fancy something a bit different we will be running a full blown disco/club/dance house (whatever you want) inside the Severn Hall both nights. There will be two other venues on site (Transporters Tavern & Traders Tavern) giving (slightly) lower key entertainment. (Blues, Jaz & Folk)

OK, so why are we supplying so much good evening entertainment?
Well the answer is simple.If we can provide an keep you all entertained in our licensed (and controlled) venues then hopefully the rest of the campsite will be be generally quieter and we will not upset the locals.
Noise has become a major issue. We/you must get to grips with it this year or we will not be able to have any more Vanfests at the showground. We have had to put a massive amount of effort & expence into securing an entertainments license this year (including a vast amount of acoustic sound deadening for the marquee).
We are going to be very closely monitored by environmental health (on and off site! ) so please, I must ask you all to very careful to what you get up to in your camping areas. (Still do it but do it quietly! or pick one of the on site venues to let yourselves go!) We will not allow any heavy amplified sound within the camping areas.

We will have a wide range of children's entertainment and other interesting performers on site throughout the weekend. (including the "original" Cooking in a camper competition - which is now being cooked up at shows all over the world) Plus we will also be showing rare & interesting VW/Transporter video's in our Vanfest "Chill Out" Lounge. (You will like it! - The original Splitty launch & Bay Launch video's are included plus some other very rare beetle & transporter stuff )

That's about all I can come up with at the moment other than to remind you all that advance bookings will be closing on August 1st.

Clubs wishing to book camping areas need to get in touch with our Camping Manager

More info on the Vanfest Website

Use these links to send Emails direct to Vanfest contacts - TRADE - CRAFT - DISPLAY VEHICLES/SHOW & SHINE - CLUB CAMPING

Or if you want a wad of (paper) booking forms or for other general enquirees drop me a PM.

Just a note of interest. Next year (Vanfest 2007) will be the ten years since our first "Big Display" theme we will be celebrating that with something special....maybe!






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