Hey, we're back from 7 fun-filled days in Cozumel Mexico. Talk about paradise! We stayed at the Allegro Cozumel resort on an all-inclusive plan. Which is the only way to go, because EVERYTHING is included. The plane flight down with Air Canada was great and despite being in the middle of a snowstorm and -33c temperatures in Toronto on Saturday we took off right on time. On the way to the resort after arriving at the Cozumel airport we must have passed 100 VW's! Things, Beetles and Buses and in abundance on the island, and even though production has stopped, the Voucho it still the most popular car there.

We took a cab ride into the town of San Miguel and did a little shopping on the first day and spent the rest of the night partying at the resort. The cab driver had these seat covers that showed where his heart was at when it came to his favorite car.

In the town I stopped to take a few pictures of some of the more unusual Beetles. The yellow and red Beetle in the pictures are rentals. They take a sedan, cut the roof off and put a two-piece folding top on.

A lot of the tourist companies on the island use the Beetle to advertise what they have to offer.

I used some snorkeling equipment to explore the beach area. I can not say enough about how much fun this is. The next day we were on the Caribbean sea looking at the Palancar Reef. Palancar is the most famous of all the reefs on Cozumel, 2 km (1 mi) offshore, Palancar is actually a series of varying coral formations with about 40 different dive locations. It's filled with winding canyons, deep ravines, narrow crevices and archways, tunnels, and caves. Black and red coral and huge elephant-ear and barrel sponges are among the attractions at the bottom. A favorite is a section called Horseshoe, where many coral heads form a natural horseshoe shape at the top of the drop-off. Visibility here ranges from 150 ft to 250 ft, making it one of the most sensational dives in the Caribbean.

Other highlights of the trip were para-sailing 500 ft over the sea and getting way to much sun. Getting away to a resort like this was just the ticket needed to help hurry this L-O-N-G Canadian winter along. Seeing all the Beetles was definitely an added bonus for me!

Wayne Dean
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