Many thanks for reading the post and I apologize for not being able to explain in detail.

Please allow me to explain as best as I can: The parking lights on the left side (front and back- only) came on by themselves, as soon as the mechanic finally started the engine. Not the headlights and not the parking lights on the right side.

Please know that the light switch was off the entire time.

The mechanic had to disconnect the back bulb (top in rear, which had started to melt the plastic cover) and I disconnected the plug for the light on the front.

Could it be that the mechanic did something wrong while changing things (Carb, gas pump)? Did he plug things back incorrectly on the coil? Or could this be a bad fuse? Did a relay go bad?

If so, which one? Thanks for reading and I hope you guys will be able to help me!
I won't be able to sleep thinking about it!!! Thanks for any help on this one!

Many blessings!