Hi again, and my apologies for posting 2 threads in a row, but now that I've got the '74, I just need to know if I can run it inside an enclosed trailer with an internal width of 5' 1.75".  From any dimensions I can find, it looks like it'll be a pretty tight squeeze, but I need to know if it's at all possible.
Thanks Again!
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hi i have a 74 aswell and built a timber shed for it thats 7'1" wide. that only just give me enough room to open the door to get in and out of my bug. standard width for a bug is 5.6' or 5'1" for a super beetle. so i reckon the only way your gonna get it in is to push it in and pull it back out again. which sounds like a bit of a pain in the ass. but needs must i guess.
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