I've been a vw nut since 1985. I remember vw where everywhere you looked you'll see VW's down the street. Then the nineties came and minitrucks became popular.late nineties everyone got into the fast and the furius and start fixing up Hondas. Now in Y2k I'm happy to see younger kids turn in thier Hondas for a VW. I see them more and more out there. What do you guyd think? Do you agree?
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I agree completely. I am surprised to see all the 16-18 year olds that are into the Beetle. I wonder what ever turned them away from the rice-rockets and into the old-skool Bugs.

Last summer I was driving through a small town and spotted a red Beetle driving down the street. I followed the VW until the driver pulled over so we could talk. I was surprised to see a 17 year old driver that was totally into his Beetle. We became instant friends and have gone to many VW events together.
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I'm only 15 and i'll be driving one. i love them.
my parents got it from a guy who did a partial restoration of it to give to his daughter, but his daughter chose an old cavalier with a sunroof over the bug.
you can probably geuss what year it is.
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man... i remember the old days and playing punch buggie on the bus and with my brother.. we used to bruise each other up... i don't think those days will ever come back... you rarely see them now in the northeast... however, a lot can be said about the germanlook scene... it's gathering a lot of momentum...also  there are some interesting vw/subbie conversions that put scary hp # down...

like the sticker on my 67 says..."old vw's never die they just get better!"
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