I'm building a mild 1776 street engine somewhat on the cheap. I know the inverse relation between cheap and good, and I'd rather have good than cheap, especially with something as important as an engine (being stranded on a freeway is not one of my Memorable Moments I Love To Remember).


For my 90.5 pistons and Scat c/w 69 mm crank a relative gave me a 40mm Kadron carb. I'm not interested in racing this car. I'd just like a dependable economical Beetle with a little more power than stock. With this setup, what camshaft should I consider? Would an Engle 100 do well in this application? What carb/cam combination has proven to work well for others?

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With Kads on a low maintanence street engine, a w-100 (Engle) would do just fine.  A w-110 would also work, but would be a better choice with dual 2bbls carbs for smooth running.  --Ryan

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