I am really new to the whole air cooled thing, i went to the volksworld show this weekend, fell in love with beetles and bought myself a nice little 1972 vw-1300.

I tried to start ordering the various bits i need to start working on it when i realised i didn't know what it was. This is my first beetle and my first car... if anyone knows or has any ideas it would be greatly apreciated.

I keep hearing things like Type 1-3 and 1302/3.. i really have no idea... i love it anyway.

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Welcome to the world of Beetling. A Type 1 refers to all air-cooled VW Beetles. A 1302 Beetle is a 1971 or 1972 Super Beetle and a 1303 is a 1973 -1979 Super Beetle.

You can tell is if yours is a Super Beetle by checking if the spare tire is lying flat in the front trunk. If the tire is upright you have a Standard Beetle.
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Thanks, I'm still unsure though. The spare wheel is upright in the front.

Where abouts could i possibly find the VIN/Engine number on the car?
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A `72 1300 would be a Standard Beetle made for the European (possibly Canadian) market, where vehicle excise tax is affected heavily by engine displacement. The engine displacement could be 1200, 1300, or 1600cc in such a car - they had options, where in the US we always got the largest engine offered. The engine codeletter/serial number is stamped just above the dipstick, what is it?

The VIN is stamped into the chassis under the rear seat (just forward of the shift coupler access panel) and on a small aluminum plate riveted into the trunk. All cars sold in the US after Jan 1 1969 also had to have it in the lower corner of the windshield (another riveted-in tag) and on the driver's side B-pillar (tamperproof metallized sticker) although I don't know if a non-US-market car would have those. You bought a car without comparing the VIN to the paperwork? NEVER do that...I hope there's no problem.

This is quite likely a swingaxle car (last year for swingaxle in US was 1968). Are the rear axles inside fat tubes or are they exposed shafts that you can see rotate as the car is rolled along?
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There's some sort of chassis number behind the bonnet catch it reads 17(sideways) then 21-2-6346. I will be getting the paperwork through in the next week although we already know the car is legit as it was purchased at the Volksworld show last weekend and verified by the experts.

Was an amazing show, saw the working concept beetle... the guy drove it the whole way from germany, weird looking thing.
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