Does any of you T4 owners know what years these VWs were made and what were the different models?
Wayne Dean
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I will try, with my "Norwegian English"

The Type 4 was a brand new aircooled model and came in four different versions. Two and four door standard model, and two and four door L-model.

The 411 L had more equipment than the standard 411, like rubber on the bumper, chromed molding on the rain gutter, the side of the body and wheel (fender) molding. Inside the L-model there was a trip speedo, clock and better seats. 411 og 411 L had rectangular headlights and a chromed VW logo at the front of the hood.

The production of the Variant started late in 1969, and was launched in 1970. They where also available as standard and L-model.  

The engine was a twin carburator engine, 1700cc, 68 hp DIN (76 hp SAE).

The carburators was replaced with an injection system (E), 80 hp DIN (85 hp SAE).
The rectangular headligts was replaced with twin headlights with chrome surround. The VW logo was relocated to the front between the headlights.

There where six models to choose between in 1970. The Variant, and the two and four door sedan. Automatic gearbox was also available. 

They changed the model name from 411/411 L to 411 E/411 LE in 1970.

No important changes.

New safety steering column. Handle for wiper located on the steering column. Last year for the 411 model.

The 411 was named 412 and was basicly a facelift. New lower front with 20 liters less luggage space available. The VW logo came back up on the hood. The bumpers was slightly moved upwards, and resulted in a reshape of the taillights. Licence plate light was also redesigned on the Variant.

The model name in 1973 was 412 E/412 LE. Later in 1973 they changed it to 412/412 LE.

The injection system was replaced with carburators, the volume was increased to 1800cc. One 75 hp and one 85 hp version. The 85 hp version was named S and LS.

This is the last official production year, but they where produced in a small scale until 1976, but only for the German market.
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Thanks all the info on the Type 4. You don't really see to many of them over here in North America.

We have a gallery section at the site with only only one Type 4. If you own one please send us a picture so we can add it to the gallery!

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I used to own a green 1971 411 LE two door sedan back in 1988. A one owner car with only 60 000 kilometers on the speedo. It was a great car to drive, but very thirsty ;-)


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We only got them in the US from `71-`74.
`71-`73 were 1700cc D-Jetronic FI (similar to the injection used in Type IIIs), and `74 were 1800cc L-Jetronic (very similar to the engine and FI used in a `75 bus).
VW bought Audi and found themselves with too many cars in the same market/price sector; with the Rabbit coming out it made more sense to keep the Audi Fox/VW Dasher that shared engines and many small components with the bunny, so the Type IV was orphaned.
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Now I am the owner of a 1969 (produced 1968) 411 L, 4 door model. I purchased this car last weekend, and drove it 430 kilometers back home. The car was found after being stored since 1978. And it has got those strange one year only head lights (looks like a frog).

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I love those wrap-around bumpers! That T4 looks to be in excellent shape, despite those odd headlights . I'd love to feature it here at the site if you are interested.

PS: Your weather looks like what we're having here in Canada right now.
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allo,joran ,, you take a picture from my 412 in 1974 ,,,ha,ha, it is you take this picture , and were , i have chance last year to buy wagon 412-73 with only 80km. all original and only small rust spot on the front fenders , i do total restoration now , i like this old model of vw very good suspention and you never have mec.^problem with this car , that make my 3# 411 red aut.trs. in 71 and my 412 m.trs. alaska met.blue in in 74 and now my wagon 73 cupper (maybe repaint in blue ) good luck if you have chance for to find one,,,bb412 

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The 411-412s were never sold in Australia.

there were a few imports from South Africa, New Zealand or Papua New Guinea.   Although I did hear that VW Australasia did bring in 4 or 5 to test the market, but they were very expensive and very thirsty.

I would have loved to have owned a 5 door 412...

I think they would have been great to own & drive.

There would be no parts supply here for them, so they would have to be imported.

I believe that all 411s had the oval headlamps and all the 412s had the twin headlamps.

They are very rare, as I have a book on VWs from the UK, and the only photo of a 412 was a customised version with no bumpers etc..


Best Wishes to the owners of these fine type 4 Volkswagens...


Lee  - 68AutoBug -- Australia --




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