Ok... I have two manuals (have ordered a Bentley as well) and cannot discover the exact location of the cyl head temperature sensor on my Vanagon 2.0 L flat four.  I know what it looks like, generally, but I want to check it out to see if this is why the van won't start.  It's on the list of things that might easily be the problem.  Can anybody find a picture and illustrate to me where it is?  Or tell me in graphic detail?  I'm very mutch a visual person, so a photo would be cool.  Thanks!  Dan
Daniel Mosher
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  Left head, near cyl #3. Short black wire from what looks like a button in
the head, to a plastic single pin connector. One test is to pull the connector
out from the plastic insulator and connect it directly to ground with a jumper.
Not the wire from the head, jump the wire inside the plastic insulator with a cold engine, this tells the ECU that it needs a cold start enrichment.

  If nothing else is accomplished here, you now know the location of the
head temp sensor. By the way, you'll need a 13mm socket to get it out
and hopefully the thread in the head doesn't pull out with the sensor.

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