Hello, I have a 1971 SuperBeetle convertible that is semi-automatic. First..what is the best way to get manual or diagragms of what the original dash looked like when new. When I bought my bug, it has a flexible rubber cover on it with a few areas where optional cut outs could be used. The previous owner added a SONY stereo and I think may have covered previous speaker? or just changed the original look. I need to replace the dash to what the original dash would have looked like exactly..and if anyone knows a good way to get an original radio..that would be AWESOME. I believe I found that is was a Sapphire radio..just need to know model and who is selling them. I would love a source that spells out window trims, etc.
Is there a great book, manual, website or whatever that can help me with finding out some of this...if someone knows what the original dash has and how to find out the model of the original radio..I would give you the SONY Stereo with CD player and speakers for their help...because I just don't want it..I want to replace everything to factory down to the window seals/etc.
I know the VW world is big and most of you VW fans have great resources..please help me narrow the search.
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The best way is to get a copy of the original owners manual which has a picture of the dash and explains how all of the controls operate. I have the OM from my 75 Super and I think it has a picture of the standard Beetle dash, which is the one that is in your 1302. I could scan and email it to you if you want.

The original shop manual by Robert Bently probably has a section on the dash as well.

You can buy a copy of that here:
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