I came home to find my little Beetle with it's tires slashed in the park-n-ride where everyone meets each morning.  Now comes the problem, finding the tires Rose needs.  I has 165x15's, but I am having trouble finding them locally (Oregon).  Any ideas? 

I would like to get her up and running soon.  She is my daily driver during the fair weather.  thanks!

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JC whitney has them online, with free shipping.  Also, firestone here in NC carried them in stock and better quality than the ones at JC Whitney. 


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You might give Sam's club. I bought 4, B.F. Goodrich P185/165R/15's at Sams. The rims are 15x51/2. Perfect fit. I run them @ 23 psi front, 33 rear.

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there is a good selection on here

the 155R15 Michelin X was an OE option.

the 165R15 XZX are great because they are a little taller. and a Bargain. Shipping is free on the Michelin
Dougal Cawley\Longstone Tyres
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