Hi I'm new to the vw beetle deal but have always been a lover of the first gen beetles. Now that I own a 66 that needs every thing I've got a couple of questions that I need anwers for. One is will a 72 1700cc bus motor fit in my 66 beetle? Another is will a super beetle trans axle work in my 66?

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Yes  bus motor will fit, but will require upright cooling conversion.. either DTM, or Next Gen style.. Otherwise you will have some overhang to deal with due to slightly being longer
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No. A super beetle tranny will not bolt into a 66. The super beetle is IRS and
your 66 is swing axle. There are kits available to convert swing axle to IRS,
and if you're willing to spend the money to convert, it can be done.        Why even consider a bus engine in your bug? Stick with a type 1 engine, it's
far more versatile than the type 4, no modifications necessary to make it fit,
way cheaper for performance upgrades, and better parts availability.
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