1974 Super Beetle;  The washer system does not allow fluid to get to the spray nozzles on the windshield washer. The pressure from the spare tire goes to the fire wall and vanishes into the steering  column where the lever switch is mounted. The question is..Is this lever operated switch accessible to service and is it electrically operated or just a release of air pressure through a manually activated lever arm?  I believe the line is plugged , probably at the lever valve or switch. I have no idea what it looks like or how to get to it.  Any advice will be appreciated.

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JUJU: Who yacks at ya more than me?  I have been down this road in my ' 72.  The assembly can be accessed fairly easily on a ' 72 by removing the Steering wheel centre X hub and then the steering wheel itself which is held on by a large nut.  After that there are two mechanisms nested together the left being the turn signal / high beam and the right being the wiper/washer switch.  The screws which hold everything in place are quite apparent.  The washer is purely mechanical with the lever opening a valve which allows the fluid through.  Check to see if your ' 74 has the same arrangement; I believe that it does.  Crimped fluid hoses could be your problem and it should be fairly clear when you see the route that the hoses take in the steering column.  Here I know that yours is different - a harder nut to crack than the ' 72.  If it becomes the stuff of nightmares ( line uncrimped but now it decides to steadily leak at the mechanical valve - super common problem )  take the easier, cheaper and more reliable way out by buying an electrical in-line pump and hiding it under your dash.  One of these should be readily available from any decent auto parts supplier.  Wiring is dirt simple and you are already working in the fuse box area.  Put a simple push button switch in an out of the way spot under the dash.  Yours will not be the first bug which received this cure.  MY 72BUG Dan in Goderich

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