At least for my neck of the woods, it's time to face the music and prepare MY72BUG for winter hibernation.  I had one last drive today and may make one last car show in Port Elgin, Ont. on our Thanksgiving weekend but the season is over - time to face the inevitable.  Here is the list that I follow.  If anyone can suggest other steps for storage I would like to hear from them.
1. Car washed and waxed especially chrome.
2.Add gasoline stabilizer to the full tank of gas.
3. Fresh oil change and clean sump screen and oil bath air filtre.
4. Drive to my storage facility on a dry day.
5. Remove battery.  Take it home and store in heated environment.
6. Disconnect fuel line from fuel tank to the fuel pump and plug with suitable sized screw and clamp.  Don't want any siphoning into the crankcase over the winter.
7. Jack up car onto four stands but only enough to take the pressure off of the tires.
    Don't let the wheels hang free, it can be hard on the shocks and struts.
8. Fog the engine compartment and brake assemblies with WD-40.
9. Remove books, sunglasses etc. from the car
10. Parking brake off ! Top up. Windows closed.  Cover on.
11. Inform insurance  company  to reduce insurance to fire and theft as the car is off of the road.
12. Spend the next five months shoveling snow, pulling the van out of snowdrifts and ordering VW parts for next season.
Dan (MY72BUG) in Goderich, Ont.

I'd rather have a partial bottle in front of me than a partial frontal lobotomy.
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I thought that I did a good job getting my Super ready for the winter! You da man!

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