I searched most of the top VW vendors and all I could come up with was a rear engine harness and a universal harness from Empi. Most harnesses available for the Super Beetle only fit up to the 1972 model. BFY has one listed for the 1974 but the part number starts with '111' which I assume is for the standard Beetle. You might want to drop them and email to ask if it fits your car. Ask for Darren.
Wayne Dean
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Hello everybody!
I just wanted to say hello to all of you bug people, i am new here using username nicos1303s because i own a little yellow 1303s -74. I have a real question to ask: where (in whole world!) can i buy new wiring harness for my -74 bug. Old one is almost dust.
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Hiya Nicos,

Wiring harnesses for your 74 are available from a number of online resellers. Try Wolfsburg West, CIP1, aircooled.net, or OEVeeDub. All of these place deal in quality parts and are easy to reach on the net (just Google any of the above names for a connection).


1970 AS Bug
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Thank you all for those www- and e-mail addresses, but i decited to make those wires myself, well i try anyway!
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Hi Nic,
I have totally rewired My 1968 Auto Stick Beetle...
It is a big Job... but it can be done.. I have done a few Beetles before.. the early ones are very easy... the later 12 volt ones are much harder.. its probably much easier to replace the wires one by one..
Best Wishes

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