A mechanic friend of mine just told me about the oil industry has lowered of remove ZDDP from motor oils supposedly because the catalytic converters in newer cars were being damaged by ZDDP, and said if you have a car without a roller cam you need this additive or else your cam will wear out FAST, has anyone heard of this, he said the additive was removed in 2008 it is 2010 and this is the first I've heard of it, call me a conspiracy theorist but doesn't this sound like the FED and EPA trying to rid the roads of older cars?

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Well you learn something new every day! Thanks for the heads up. For a few pointers check out this site:
Also in talking to our local Chevron dealer he told me that Chevron DELO 400
should have more than enough ZDDP for gasoline engines and I know from Detroit Diesel's oil spec's and recommendations that it is compatible with automotive gas engines also.
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I am not much of a conspiracy guy either, but the fact that this was never made public and that oil on the shelves make no note of it, tells me there is something going on here.  I say write the oil companies and/or your congressman to make sure they post which oils contain this additive and which don't.  Just remember that the amount of pollution that building a new car creates does not equal what driving a 30 year old car for another 20 years will.

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