I have been wondering if Z Max is good for an air-cooled motor, and if it will even stay in one, due to it's ability to be absorbed by an engine block.
 my concern is with the porousity of the engine block itself...if Z Max can be absorbed by steel, and cast iron, what the heck will happen in a VW motor?

 Thank you all in advance for any input you may have.
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They recomend it for motorcycle engines and they have aluminum blocks also so I would bet that it wouldn't hurt, but if you only have a stock strainer and not a full flow oil filter it's going to get expensve changing it every 1000 miles with the oil.
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To: olspeed...
Thank you for that, I hadn't given enough thought to the stock filtration at all.
 I am not sure about installing a full flow system in a slightly lowered type 3, especialy with the bumpy roads of Maine!
 I need every scrap of ground clearance!
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